Step into our current winter collection as we take the chance to catch up with Shemoi, an LA-based photographer and friend of the brand. We had the chance to have Shemoi not only give some insight into his life with bikes but also have a tear - as he puts our latest collection to the test on his picturesque local roads of Los Angeles.


My name is Shemoi Gidden.

Currently living in?

I am currently living in Los Angeles CA.


I am a freelance photographer/amateur director! 

Favourite spot to park up (whether that be riding, working or lounging)?

My favourite park-up spot is (10 Speed) Pedalers Fork in Calabasas CA. it is the hub for cyclists to take a break, get some refreshments, and lounge for a bit before continuing to finish your ride.

Favourite local loop or ride?

My favourite local loop has to be my ride up to Porto Ranch and loop through Sierra canyons The scenery and the roads are smooth and fun to explore.

How did you get into cycling?

I started getting into a cycle when Covid first came into effect the whole world was shut down. I had nothing better to do, and a close friend of mine gifted me the best gift of all time, which is my bike (smoothie) I was going to a lot and cycling was my saving grace, it kept me disciplined, focused, patient and gave me the Will to persevere!

And how does it slot into your life between work and everything you’ve got going on?

I’ll make sure to wake up as early as possible (6 am) to get a quick 2-3 hr ride in. Even if it’s not a full ride, I like to ride around my local park which is a 5-mile loop, and sometimes do it three times to get a good amount of mileage in. By the time I finished, it will be about 10 am and everyone will start to wake up and get their day started.

Lastly, where can we find you and see more of your work?

I currently only showcase my work on my Instagram @shemoi because I feel it’s the easiest way for people to access my photos in contact me if they seek interest in working together in the future.