1. Construct / Disrupt With Edwin Britts & Larnelle Fynn

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  2. Detour With Bryce Waters - Launceston To Hobart

    When Bryce reached out to us midway through 2023, just a few weeks before he and three friends - Ciaran, Stu, and Johnny - were about to embark on ...
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  3. Parked Up with Shemoi Gidden

    Step into our current winter collection as we take he chance to catch up with Shemoi, an LA-based photographer and friend of the brand. We had the ...
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  4. PRK2 - WINTER

    An extension of our PRK2 Summer capsule. PRK2 - WINTER builds on a theme of muted tones amongst wardrobe essentials for when the weather won’t work...
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  5. PRK2

    Building off a DIY aesthetic which represents our approach and journey so far as a brand and designed to be worn with anything, anywhere comes PRK2.

    Comprised of neutral shades, this collection blends in to the every day whilst still holding a gaze.

    With a focus on compatibility, seamlessly slotting in and looking more than at home amongst all facets of Par Küp from Drop.01 to the Ccache x Par Küp team edition kit and anywhere in-between.

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  6. SHAL x Par Küp

    Shaun Allen (aka Shal) is a Yugambeh/Bundjalung artist and the first to join us for a collaborative collection. Currently residing and working on Gadigal land. A Musician, Tattoo Artist & Painter with an understanding of the importance of creating art for himself first and foremost. His body of work represents his DIY and unrelenting ethic.

    This body of work - Balun, represents a connection to water and the effects this connection had on Shal at the time of painting.

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